Client Testimonials

I was referred to Ida by a close friend having moved to Oakland in November 2010. I’m in my mid-thirties and my skin is extremely white, and so I have my fair share of broken capillaries, congestion and pigmentation from sun damage. I have been concealing most of these problems for years with make-up, to the point where I just felt like my skin wasn’t ‘breathing’ any more. I tried many products and treatments, but the results were temporary and just ok. Within three months of regular treatments from Ida, the change was quite amazing. My skin just looks luminous and healthy….to the point where I am now foregoing daily foundation and powder for a light tinted sunblock. Firstly, Ida did a skin assessment facial, and then opted to do a chemical peel to move old dull skin and congestion. Now we are on a course of monthly maintenance skin brightening facials. The results just keep improving, especially when combined with Ida’s own line of products, which are all-natural and fabulous. I finally have skin that I’m proud of! Ida’s knowledge of the molecular aspects of skin biology and physiology are extremely impressive. I’m so glad to have her on my case, and trust her implicitly. She is extremely professional, kind and passionate about the great work she does. Bottom line is that my skin looks healthier and younger – which is extremely exciting at almost 36! I can’t wait to continue with Ida, and feel like I’ve finally found my secret weapon against aging!
– Clare Lyons, Environmental Engineer

Ida is the BEST!!!! After recently coming back from overseas I had the worst discoloration (brown spots) on my face from acne. Nothing seemed to be working and believe me I tried EVERYTHING, I do have mild acne and very oily skin as well. I found this gem of a place by referral and it has been a godsend. Not only is my acne and oily skin under control but the discoloration is virtually gone, my skin has not looked this healthy in years. Ida doesn't just focus on getting rid of acne but she gets your skin healthy and glowing again. I wish I knew about the Skin Studio years ago, no more Proactiv, Murad or Nuetrogena for me! Thank you Ida!!!!!
– Tianne Brown

When I first started going to The Skin Studio I had terrible acne. At the time, I also worked for a pharmaceutical company that sold acne products. For one year, I tried the products that I sold to the dermatologists and they failed to clear up my skin. I was left with dry blotchy skin that I became accustomed to covering up with make-up. I was horribly embarrassed to work for a dermatology company with acne. After one year at The Skin Studio I had not just clear skin but healthy skin that I learned how to take care of as well. Within six months of going to The Skin Studio, the pimples on my face were almost gone and the next six months were spent completely clearing up my skin and creating an even, healthy skin tone. Since I was 14 years old I have struggled with acne that continued into adulthood. No one ever explained to me that acne was a chronic yet controllable skin disease. I spent my teen years and twenties looking for the right cover up make-up and walking with my head down hoping nobody noticed the lesions on my face. I have been a client of The Skin Studio for five years. Now at 36, those that knew me then, tell me how clear my skin looks. I get compliments all the time. People can’t believe that I have acne.
–Gina Cole

For a number of years I have been battling skin discoloration. Nothing worked. I tried over-the-counter bleaching creams, and even lemon juice. One physician told me to use pumic stone right after I showered while my skin was still moist. I thought, finally something that works. A week later I realized that the problem had worsened. It took me over a year to find someone who was not afraid to work with darker skin. Then I found The Skin Studio. I drive 80 miles one way for each office visit. But it is worth it. The photos of the treated areas speak for themselves. I am more than pleased with the results. –Erin Wen

I discovered The Skin Studio by accident after my previous aesthetician, Joan, moved away. I was desolate, for in seven years Joan had transformed my sun-damaged skin from 'blah' to beautiful. One day early last summer while shopping on Piedmont Avenue, I wandered into The Skin Studio, a vine-covered bower in a tranquil courtyard. I decided to try one facial treatment. I have now been a devoted client for a year. In that time, my skin has improved tremendously. Their monthly facials have further refined my skin tone, minimized by pores, and kept my 45+ year-old complexion glowing. People I meet always underestimate my age by at least a decade. I attribute this entirely to their treatments, and their insistence upon daily sunscreen. They use first-rate products. It is conveniently located, and it is always easy to find parking. My husband, (also a monthly client), and I would not go anywhere else for facials.
–Lori Leigh Gieleghem

I am absolutely astonished and pleased at the results of the treatments to my blemished, delicate and sensitive skin. After many unsuccessful years of trying different remedies to treat my skin problems, I finally am able to see real results after just a short period of time. The problem areas are blending in gradually with my natural skin-tone, so much so that my boyfriend has even noticed it and complimented me on the change!
– Devasta A. (Dede) DeToles

Five years ago I was diagnosed with acute acne by my former dermatologist. My skin had been horrible since my teenage years and especially during pregnancy. He stated that I would always have to take internal drugs in order to keep my acne under control. I hate taking pills. Fortunately, my dermatologist had the wisdom to refer me to an esthetician and that is where The Skin Studio comes in. I had been living a life were make-up was vital in order to cover my multiple blemishes and acne breakouts. Now, I have a far more beautiful complexion. I have no need for make-up other than lipstick and pencil for my brows. My acne has been greatly minimized and controlled without the use of drugs. Thank you, The Skin Studio.
–Janevette Isrel Cole

When I came to The Skin Studio a year ago, my face was dry with fine lines. I began using their lotion cleanser and aroma moisturizer and Wow, what a difference! My face is clearer, hydrated, and feels great. My family and husband think I look better. Thank you, Skin studio.
–Lorrei DiCamille

I’ve had problems with skin discoloration and acne since my teenage years. I’ve tried countless things from over-the-counter products to professional products. My experience with estheticians has varied from mediocre to good. Although my hopes for improvement weren’t high, I decided to try The Skin Studio because it came highly recommended from a reliable source. I have not regretted the change in fact; it has been what I now call one of my best investments. The Skin Studio has not only provided me with great products and excellent service, they educated me on what it takes to truly care for my skin. The results have been exceptional. If you are looking for a place where you can get a variety of professional services that really work and at a competitive price, then The Skin Studio is the place for you. I know it certainly has been for me!
–Sonya Simiril

I work as a primary care provider in a large medical group. I am a client of The Skin Studio and I have also referred friends, colleagues and patients to The Skin Studio. I have been them for skin care for three years. They are extremely professional and their skin care products are wonderful and affordable. I have been thrilled with my experiences at The Skin Studio and all of my referrals have been too.
–Karen Van Leuven, PhD, FNP

Hello, I’m Terry Carter, a "The Skin Studio" client.

When I was a teenager I had great eyebrows, and as I tweezed and shaved over the years they never grew back to the full thickness or the darker color. So, in 1997 I read an ad on permanent makeup in the Montclarion Newspaper. I called and made an appointment for a consultation and service. The service was explained and I was told that I was perfect for the procedure and if there were any mistakes they could always be corrected. Well, there were mistakes, and they were corrected and corrected until my eyebrows looked like someone had drawn heavy black brows with a permanent marker.

In 1999 I was introduced to The Skin Studio for skin care for my daughters and myself. Over the next two years skin studio continuously removed color from my brows. Finally they reshaped and colored my brows. The results are a miracle, plain and simple.

In the year 2000 my daughter had sever acne. Her face was discolored and raw. I had her going to a dermatologist in Berkeley. After months of going to the Doctor every two weeks, I saw her skin get worse instead of better. I sent her to the skin studio. Well within two weeks her acne had cleared considerably and by the end of the month the discoloration was almost gone. I’m now pleased to say that her skin continues to glow and she is free of discoloration, and has very few acne blemishes. She continues to use The Skin Studio products and has facials on a regular basis, which keeps her acne under control. We swear by The Skin Studio!
–Terry Carter