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What our Clients say

"I am absolutely astonished and pleased at the results of the treatments to my blemished, delicate and sensitive skin. After many unsuccessful years of trying different remedies to treat my skin problems, I finally am able to see real results after just a short period of time. The problem areas are blending in gradually with my natural skin-tone, so much so that my boyfriend has even noticed it and complimented me on the change!"
–Devasta A. (Dede) DeTolesartin

"It took me over a year to find someone who was not afraid to work with darker skin. Then I found The Skin Studio. I drive 80 miles one way for each office visit. But it is worth it. The photos of the treated areas speak for themselves. I am more than pleased with the results."
–Erin Wen

"I work as a primary care provider in a large medical group. I am a client of The Skin Studio and I have also referred friends, colleagues and patients to The Skin Studio. I have been them for skin care for three years. They are extremely professional and their skin care products are wonderful and affordable. I have been thrilled with my experiences at The Skin Studio and all of my referrals have been too. "
–Karen Van Leuven, PhD, FNP

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Welcome to The Skin Studio

Where your skin care needs are our priority.

Starting with puberty to the end of life, our skin transforms in many different ways. Factors that can affect these transformation include but are not limited to: increased oil secretion, Diabetes, poor circulation, autoimmune disorders, Psoriasis, Eczema, cancer and later in life harmony changes in women as well as men.

Our skin, (the largest organ) of our body, can also be affected by emotional and psychological issues, leading to stress which in turn can impact our over all well being. It is well documented that stress plays a direct role in the development of adult onset acne . Nutrition, exercise,as well as various medications can impact this very vital organ.

At your intake consultation we assess the information gather and create a plan of care that will focus on your specific needs. Our plan may include, facials, chemical peels,bleaching treatments(for discoloration) Microdermabration, hydrating and calming treatments as well as LED facial rejuvenation. Laser Hair Removal may be recommended for folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles ) or may be preformed for overall hair reduction.

Please call (510) 653-3355 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and addressing your skin care needs.
- Ida Z. Lipscomb