LED Photomodulation

Scientists theorize that LED Photomodulation uses low intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in a process similar to plant photosynthesis whereby plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into cellular building blocks.

How the GentleWaves LED Photomodulation System Works

GentleWaves is the first device to break the code of LED Photomodulation technology. The key to the science behind GentleWaves lies in using gentle light energy at specifically selected proprietary codes for optimum effectiveness. The modulated light is then delivered to target treatment areas by sophisticated pulsed technology.

As the first fully integrated anti-aging program, GentleWaves includes the LED device and a complete skin care regimen designed to enhance and maintain the results of treatment. The home skin care products feature dermatologist-tested cosmeceuticals and scientifically developed nutraceuticals to complement the GentleWaves LED Photomodulation procedure.

GentleWaves LED Photomodulation reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improves the appearance of sun-weathered skin. Researchers are investigating other uses of this platform technology, including applications to improve the appearance of acne, acne scars, thinning hair and cellulite.

GentleWaves Features and Benefits

  • No side effects, downtime or pain
  • Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types
  • Non-invasive, non-ablative and non-thermal so there’s no injury to the skin surface
  • Fast and convenient: Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Treats large areas such as the entire face or chest
  • No aftercare is needed
  • Comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen for home use
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques
  • How Is GentleWaves Unique?

    Current high-tech skin rejuvenation therapies operate via photothermolysis to thermally injure tissue and induce a wound healing response or use chemicals to peel damaged tissue. However, wound healing responses are unpredictable and are an imperfect mechanism for achieving new collagen production.GentleWaves is a natural non-thermal process that uses gentle LEDs emitting less energy than a 25 watt light bulb to improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin without skin tissue injury or patient discomfort.

    Clinical Efficacy

    In a recent multicenter study of 90 patients who underwent 8 GentleWaves treatments, 62% achieved improved appearance of skin around the eyes, 36% around the upper lip, and 26% achieved improvement of skin roughness around the eyes. Continued improvement in patients’ appearance was observed for 4 months after the last treatment session. High patient satisfaction was reported.

    Treatment Scenario

    Patients spend an average of 5 minutes sitting in front of a cascading array of over 2,000 yellow pulsing lights (LEDs). The entire face can be treated within minutes. Patients can immediately return to their normal routine with no redness or peeling.

    Treatment Availability

    Widespread physician use of the Gentlewaves LED Photomodulation procedure is anticipated in Summer 2003. For more information, visit www.lightbioscience.com

    Before and After

    (All pictures are un-touched originals.)