Mature Skin

Western culture is reluctant to admit that aging is a normal, dynamic process. And, as we age, certain histological (tissue) changes happen to our skin. These changes are induced by either intrinsic (chronological) aging or by extrinsic (environmental) aging.

Intrinsic aging is inevitable, and how we age may have a genetic basis allowing some people to age less noticeably than others. However, the most dramatic changes seen in aging skin are due to extrinsic causes.

The most significant environmental factor responsible for extrinsic aging is chronic exposure to ultraviolet (uv) light. By comparing the skin on your face, chest, and forearms to the protected skin on your breast, you can see a marked difference in the pigmentation and texture. Early studies have shown that by protecting the skin from ultraviolet light and appropriate treatments, the skin can repair itself and actually reverse some of the histological (tissue) signs of photodamage. Signs of aging skin include: loose, crepey, deep wrinkles or fine lines.

At The Skin Studio, several programs are available to our clients in treating aging skin. The first and most important is sun protection. To facilitate skin rejuvenation, combination therapies including Chemical Peels, LED light therapy and specialized skin care products are incorporated. Our goal in working with aging skin is to educate our clients on skin protection, and to perform procedures that will yield the best possible results for each client.